With a passion for beauty, Zion Hadad has dedicated his life to bringing the best art to homes across the globe. In 2010 Zion opened his exclusive store, the House of Silver & Judaica, at the Hilton Tel Aviv. Word spread quickly that this silver store was one of a kind! Every piece is individually chosen by Zion, who imagines how it will make his customers feel when they use it. Zion is truly driven by a passion to ensure that each client has a profound experience, in addition to receiving a unique article.

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from dream to reality

"Three things give a person comfort, a beautiful home, a beautiful family and beautiful vessels".

(Tractate Brachot, 57B).

You take care of the beautiful home and family, we'll take care of the beautiful vessels.

Zion's passion is to make his client's dreams come true. Feel free to be inspired on the journey to your dream

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