A set of goblets and three floors of plates for the Passover Seder

A set of Seder cups and plates is awe-inspiring, this masterpiece comes with a cup of Elijah, four cups with designs of the four boys and a functional Seder plate that also incorporates an upper bowl to lay the arm, the egg and everything else,
And come temporarily there are three compartments in which to place the matzos and close with decorated doors.
The set is made from a combination of materials, sterling silver, aluminum, metal connections, gold and rhodium plated and decorated with enamel paintings and designs.
One of the masterpieces of the acclaimed artist Yaakov Davidov who is known for the special works that characterize the artist.

Size: 60w x 42h cm
Material: sterling silver, Copper, aluminum, enamel, 18K gold plating, rhodium plating.
Made in : Israel



SKU: UQU2013

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